Design Guide

2. The Design Guide magazine

The Design Guide is published annually (bi-annual for 2015/2016) and is positioned between HOME magazine and Architecture NZ. Where one is full of beautiful houses with a large readership, most of whom are not actually doing anything, the other is a trade magazine for architects.

The Design Guide targets consumers who are using an architect to design their home, and the architects themselves.

Architects and architectural designers represent around 6-8% of homes built in New Zealand, or about 1500 homes per year. We print 4000 copies each issue and architects are a secondary readership. A key difference with The Design Guide is that the articles are written by architects which means they carry an authority and particular insight into architectural design. It also means it resonates with architects themselves as it is their peer group writing. (draft 2018-2 covers shown)


  • 5,500 copies annually
  • National coverage
  • Targets consumers using an architect/designer; Secondary readership is architects
  • Retail distribution and marketed direct to architects

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